Manwaring, William

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Corelli's Head, College Green (opposite Anglesea street)


Succeeded the business of his brother Bartholomew Manwaring.

Primarily a music printer and seller, he published in partnership with William Neale between 1740 and 1744 (Boydell, Calendar).

He died in 1763, being described in his will as 'musician'.

Succeeded in business by his widow Mrs William Manwaring.

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: Dix gives the dates as 1748 to 1749 and 1750 to 1788(?). Boydell (Calendar) and Munter gives Corelli's Head, College Green from 1738 to 1763. Boydell (Card Index) gives Corelli's Head, College Green, opposite Anglesea Street c. 1740 1738?–1788, stating 'business carried on by his widow after 1763'. Berry gives the partnership of Neal & Manwaring at Corelli's Head College Green in 1737, Boydell (Calendar) gives the partnership dates as 1740 to 1744 and Munter gives them as 1740 to 1741.]

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  • The Harmonical Guide, Containing, the true Grounds of Harmonical Composition, laid down in a Method entirely new, and upon so easy and natural a Foundation, as to enable a Person absolutely unskilled in Musick to write at Pleasure the most perfect Harmony, and with an infinite Variety. The whole Secret of Harmonical Composition is herein unveil’d; the Nature of the several Transitions from Concord to Discord, and e contra, with the forming of all sorts of Cadences, as practis’d by the greatest Masters, is taught and explained. The whole conducted upon such plain and obvious Principles, as carry the Face of Demonstration at the first View, and offer themselves with Facility to the meanest Capacity. By Mr. Francis Geminiani. Subscriptions are taken […], after 1740 (Dublin News Letter)
  • 'Select Minuets […] to which is added Ellen-a-roon with variations by Mr Dubourg, set for the Harpsichord, etc. etc.’ (Dublin Journal, 27–30 December 1747, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • Pasquali, Triumph of Hibernia, 1748 (Flood, 'Dublin Music Printing from 1685 to 1750')
  • Pasquali, The Temple of Peace, 1749 (Flood, 'Dublin Music Printing from 1685 to 1750')
  • Monthly Masque, 1749–54 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • Pasquali, Noah, oratorio dedicated to 'the Charitable Musical Society for the enlargement of poor prisoners from debt', 1750 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • 'Six new Sonatas or Duets for Flutes or Violins, dedicated to Col. Richard St George, composed by SIGNIOR GIO. ANGELA BATTISTO PUTTI, da Lucca, Opera prima', (Dublin Journal 20–24 February 1750, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Sheet song: “Eileen Aroon,” with Irish words printed phonetically' (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • Van Maldere, Signor, 'Six Sonatas for two violins with a thorough bass for the Harpsichord', April 1752 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • Hiernia’s Triumph, 'in honour of General Blakeney', 1756 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • The Formation of Harlequin, 1758 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • Printed

  • ‘Mr LAMPE’S The Lady’s Amusement: A collection of Songs, Ballads with Symphonies and Thorough Bass, sold by Manwaring, College Green, Dublin, engraved and printed for the Author’ (Dublin Journal, 27–30 January 1750, cited in Boydell,Calendar)
  • 'Solomon’s Temple, oratorio [...] composed by Richard Broadway', c. 1751–54 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • 'Thirty-three Country Dances fitted for the Harpsichord with proper Basses', c. 1751–54 (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • 'The Comic Tunes in Fortunatus as they are performed at the Theatre in Drury Lane' [reprint of pirate edition] (Flood, ‘Dublin Music Printing from 1750 to 1790’)
  • Sold

  • ‘Two Collections of all the Court and favourite country Dances with the choicest Collection of Musick for German Flutes, concert Flutes, French Horns and Hautbois, with all the new favourite Ballad Songs in single Sheets', April 1738 (Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Walmsley’s best Fiddles, with whole and half fluted Bows, likewise Schuchart’s best German Flutes, and common Flutes of all Sizes, with choice Venice Fiddle-strings, and right Dutch Wire for Harpsichords and Spinets. At said Shop may be had, all the new Musick, as they come out in London and Holland, particularly, Correlli’s, Vavaldi’s [sic], Geminiani’s, Castrucci’s, Locatelli’s, Alberti’s, and Handel’s grand Concertos, Hass’s Concertos, Sonatas, and Songs, also Handel’s 42 Overtures, and the favourite Songs in all his Opera’s [sic], likewise his Oratorios of Saul, Esther, Athalia, Deborah, Alexander’s Feast, L’Allegro il penseroso, Acis and Galatea, his Organ Concertos for Harpsicord [sic], with Books of Airs, and Instructions for Learners on all Instruments. NB. The new Collection of Country Dances for 1743’, October 1743 (Dublin Journal)
  • 'The best Violins, made by Peter Walmsley of Piccadilly, London; likewise Schuchart’s choicest German and common Flutes, of all sizes', 1744 (Dublin Journal, 17–21 January 1744, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'A choice Collection of all the newest Musick both Vocal and Instrumental, likewise Walmsley’s best Violins, Schurtart’s German and Common Flutes of all Sizes, the best Spinet Ware either white or yellow; where may be had all the Solos […?] Lessons, Country Dances, Minuets, &c., as […?] as published in London. – N.B. His right Venice Fiddle-strings are arrived. He likewise sells choices Basses for the Harpsicord. No. 19 and 20 of the Monthly Masques are ready. Likewise any of the foregoing Numbers may be had at said Shop', April/May 1746 (Dublin Journal)
  • 'A choice Collection of new Scotch Tunes, with Variations, by the famous Mr. Oswald At said Shop may be had the best Venice Fiddle Strings, Wamlsey’s best Violins; Schukhart’s German and common Flutes of all Sizes; the best Dutch Spinnet Wire; Irish fiddles &c. At said Place may be had Handel’s, Correlli’s, Vivaldi’s, Geminiani’s Music; likewise all the newest pieces as they come out in London; as also Country Dances, Books, Minuets, Monthly Masques, &c, and rul’d Books of all Sizes', November 1747 (Dublin Journal)
  • 'Roman fiddle strings [...] Stuckart's Flutes of all sizes, some of the late Peter Walmsley's violins [...] Handel's 54 Overtures in all their parts & fitted to Harpsichord and all his Organ Concertos', April 1749 (Dublin Journal, 1–4 April 1749, cited in Boydell, Card Index)
  • 'NEW MUSICK. Just Published with His Majesty’s Royal Privilege, twelve English Songs in score, collected from several Masques. Composed by SIG. PASQUALI', December 1750 (Dublin Journal, 8–11 December, 1750, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Six Trios for two Fiddles and a Thorough Bass, composed by Sieur Van Maldere', December 1752 (Dublin Journal, 5–9 December 1752, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Handel’s 60 Overtures for Instruments. Ditto for the Harpsichord. 160 favourite Songs from all his Oratorios, all the Oratorios in Score, Corelli’s works, Geminiani’s, Vivaldi’s, &c. &c. new concertos by Martini of London, 8 Overtures for Violins, French Horns, &c. by St Martini of Milan, Ruge’s concertos, solos and Sonatas for a German Flute, with great variety of Solos, Concertos and duets for the German flute by Nuffen(?) Fritz, Brioschi, Quantz, Count Saint Germain, Carcani, and several others. Also Organ Concertos & Lessons for Harpsichord – Roman Strings – German Flutes … with Steel and brass Spinet Wire – No. 61 of the Monthly Masques’, June 1753 (Dublin Journal, 12–15 June 1753, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • 'Hymns, set to Musick by J.F. Lampe, as they are now sung by the Moravians; also, Variety of Concertos, Solos and Sonatas for the Violin with Duets for the German Flute by Hasse, Defesh [sic] etc. Organ Concertos and Harpsichord Lessons by Handel, Ciampi, Alberti, Mandevill[?], Ramo [sic], Felton, Stanley and others; likewise 12 English Songs composed by Mr. Dunn of London; and soon will be published Six English Ballad Songs in the Italian Taste, by Signor B. Palma’, October 1753 (Dublin Journal, 16–20 October 1753, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • ‘A large parcel of ROMAN FIDDLE STRINGS (so long wanted in this City) viz. 1st, 2nd & 3rds, with compleat sets for the Violoncello; likewise, great variety of Musick published in London & Holland, for Violin, Harpsichord, German Flute, French Horns &c. Likewise all the new Songs sung at Vaux-Hall & other publick Places […] as also CYMEN & IPHIGENIA, a new Cantata set by Mr [Thomas] Arne, Price 1s. 1d. N.B. Shuchard’s German Flutes, Hautboys, and small Flutes of all sizes, and Smith’s Violins’, May 1754 (Dublin Journal, 21–25 May 1754, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
  • ‘Six favourite Songs composed by Mr Bird, Harpsichord Maker, etc. etc. Latest Tutors. Mr. Handel’s favourite songs from the Oratorio, in 4 Volumes … The Entertainment of FORTUNATUS’, October 1759 (Dublin Journal, 2–6 October 1759, cited in Boydell, Calendar)
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