Neal and Manwaring

Dates Active in Dublin: 

[1737?] 1740–c. 1744

Business Type: 

Corelli's Head, College Green


Occasional publishing partnership between William Neal and William Manwaring between 1740 and 1744.

Imprints: 'William Manwaring and William Neal' and 'Messrs Neal and Manwaring'.

[Dates and addresses differ according to sources: Berry gives Neal & Manwaring at Corelli's Head College Green in 1737, Boydell (Calendar) gives the partnership dates as 1740 to 1744 and Munter gives them as 1740 to 1741.]

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Published (as listed in Carolan)

  • 'A second collection of ye celebrated songs out of the masque of Comus, with several of the choicest balat songs sung by Mrs. Clive &c.', 4–8 August 1741
  • 'The monthly masque or an entertainment of music. Consisting of four celebrated songs set for the violin, German flute and harpsicord [sic]. By the best masters', nos 4 and 6, c. 1744
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